Aerospace Physiology Society

A constituent organization of the Aerospace Medical Association


AsMA-Level Recognition! Established in memory of CAPT Walter L. Goldenrath, MSC, USN (Ret.), this award is presented for the most significant contribution in the field of aerospace physiology. It was created at the bequest of CAPT Goldenrath and is funded by the Walter and Sylvia Goldenrath Endowed Fund.

Goldenrath Vito 2019.jpg


Tom “Vito” Massa (center), accepts the Goldenrath award from AsMA President Vermeiren (right) and Dr. Kim Broadwell, AsMA Foundation Chair (left), representing the Goldenrath Endowment Fund.

Previous Award Winners

  • 2012—CAPT Walter Goldenrath, MSC, USN (Ret.) (Posthumously)

  • 2013—CDR Richard V. Folga, USN, MSC

  • 2014—Harry L. Gibbons, M.D., M.P.H.

  • 2015—Col. Donald J. White, USAF (Ret.), FRAeS, FAsHFA, FAsMA

  • 2016—Maj. Jaime R. Harvey, USAF, BSC

  • 2017—Jeff Sventek, M.S., CAsP

  • 2018—Troy P. Faaborg, M.S., CAsP

  • 2019—Thomas Massa, M.S.


Is there an AsMA member worthy of the Goldenrath Award!!! Nominate your fellow AsPS members!!!!


  • The nominee must be a current member of the Association by Feb. 1 in the year in which the award may be given.

  • Self-nomination is not allowed. Deceased members may be nominated.

  • An individual can only receive one award in any one year. The same individual may receive an award more than once, so long as five years have elapsed between the last time that award was won by that same awardee.

  • Nominations are good for three years from the original award nomination. They may be updated. If substantial material has changed for the same award within that three-year cycle—a new nomination should be submitted.

  • Complete the Award Nomination online at: AsMA Annual Awards Submission Website

  • Any auxiliary biographical material in electronic or hard copy attachments must be limited to 3 typed pages and will be retained in Association files.

  • Nominations received after Jan. 15th will be considered for awards to be presented at the annual meeting in the next calendar year.