Aerospace Physiology Society

A constituent organization of the Aerospace Medical Association


ASPS Board of Governors

The Aerospace Physiology Society (AsPS) is seeking nominations for 2020-2021 Board of Governors positions.  Please send your nominations (self-nominations encouraged) along with a short (one paragraph) biography to nominations chair: by 20 March.  Feel free to contact any current AsPS officer to discuss duties of the job you are interested in.  Job descriptions for each position are listed below. Newly elected Board of Governors members assume their duties at the AsPS annual business meeting during the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) Annual scientific meeting.


President-Elect (1 yr term):                                   

Treasurer/Membership Chair (2 yr term)                        

Member at Large (4 yr term):                          


Nominee must be dues paying members in good standing with AsPS and our parent organization AsMA at the time voting begins in April.


The AsPS is the oldest constituent organization of the AsMA and stands unique as a multidisciplinary collection of civilian, international and tri service aerospace professionals in a forum of friendship and collaboration.  Be a part of the future of this organization by joining friends in leading our society into 2019 and beyond.

JOB Descriptions

Aerospace Physiology Board of Governors

The interim governing body of the Society is the Board of Governors which consists of eleven (11) voting members.  The membership shall consist of the President of the Society, who serves as Chairman of the Board, the Secretary of the Society, who serves as Recorder for the Board, the Treasurer, the President-Elect, the Bibliographer, the two Immediate Past Presidents of the Society, and the four At-Large Members.  A quorum for the Board of Governors consists of a minimum of six Board members.



The President shall develop the agenda for and chair the annual meetings of the Society. The President shall chair the Board of Governors and is empowered to call Board of Governors special meetings.  The President shall appoint three members of the Society to the Nominations Committee, which will be supplemented by the Immediate Past President and 1-year removed Past President, and shall appoint all standing committees and any special committees at his discretion.  In the event that the President-Elect is unable to succeed the President, the President shall continue in office for a second term, if able and willing.  Otherwise, the senior member in terms of service on the Board of Governors shall be designated Chairman pro temp ore and preside over the Society until a new President-Elect is elected.  The President remains a voting member of the Board of Governors for 2 years post term.


The President-Elect shall serve as President in Society activities in the President’s absence and complete the term of office of the President in the event that the President is unable to complete the term for which he/she was elected.  The President-Elect typically assumes the responsibilities of the President in the year following his/her election.


 The Secretary shall prepare the minutes for all Society meetings.  The minutes shall be made available to the general membership by the Secretary by the next appropriate meeting.  The Secretary shall deal with all Society correspondence, as directed by the President.  The Secretary will maintain copies of all Society correspondence during the Secretary’s current tenure.  At the close of the elected term of office, the Secretary will direct all past Society correspondence to the Society Bibliographer.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial accounting for the Society and shall be authorized to disburse such funds as directed by the President of the Society for normal operating expenses.  The financial accounting will be kept current using accepted procedures and will be made available to any Society member upon a formal written request.  The Treasurer will prepare a formal, detailed financial report of the Society, which will be presented orally and defended by the Treasurer at the Society’s Annual Board of Governors Meeting.  The Treasurer will serve as the Membership Chair.  In this capacity, the Treasurer will solicit all membership dues, notify any members who are delinquent on dues, and receive and process membership applications.  The Treasurer will maintain current membership records and will act as authorized in Article VII of these By-Laws.


The Bibliographer will maintain all of the Society’s historical files in an accepted order. These files will be composed of Society correspondence received from the Society Secretary, all annual written Society committee reports and copies of all published material pertinent to the Society which appears in print (primarily in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine).  In the absence of the Secretary, the Bibliographer shall prepare the minutes of the annual meetings of the Society.


Each At-Large Member shall attend and participate in the annual and any special meetings of the Society Board of Governors as directed in Article V of the AsPS By-Laws.