Aerospace Physiology Society

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 SMITH W. AMES Memorial Lecture

Established in 1982, this lecture is named in honor of a former president of the Aerospace Physiology Society, Smith W. Ames. Over the years, Dr. Ames was very active in the Society. He received the first Paul Bert Award for Operational Physiology in 1969 and was a member of the original Certification Board. The Smith W. Ames Memorial Lecture was originally sponsored by the Gentex Corporation (1982-1990). In 1991, the David Clark Company of Worcester, MA assumed the sponsorship of the lecture.

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CIA Projects at Area 51— DECLASSIFIED

Mr. Thornton D. Barnes presented this year’s Smith W. Ames memorial lecture during the AsPS Luncheon and Business Meeting.


Previous Speakers

1982 Edward D. Michaelson, MD, FACP, FCCP

1983 F. Duane Blume, PhD

1984 Melvin Hayashi, COL, USAF

1985 Robert W. Phillips, DVM, PhD

1986 Rufus DeHart, Jr., BGen, USAF, MC

1987 Charles T. Hatsell, COL, MD, FAA

1988 Thomas G. Dobie, OBE, MD, RAF (Ret.)

1989 Robert McMeekin, COL, MD, FAA

1990 25th Anniversary Celebration, No Speaker

1991 David W. Milam, COL, USAF

1992 Robert P. Belihar, COL, USAF, MC

1993 Wilhelmina de Groot, CAPT, CAF, FS

1994 Robert T. Herres, Gen, USAF, (Ret.)

1995 Samuel J. Holoviak, Lt Col, USAF

1996 Steven L. Enewold, CAPT, USN

1997 Roger L. Stork, COL, USAF, BSC

1998 Lee M.E. Morin, CDR, USN, MC

1999 Bernice T. (“B”) Steadman, NASA

2000 Michael L. Gernhardt, NASA

2001 Peter F. Demitry, COL, USAF, MC

2002 Stanley N. Roscoe, PhD

2003 Amy Ross, MSME, NASA

2004 Chuck Vacchiano, CAPT, USN, NC & Anthony Artino, LT, USN, MSC

2005 Kathryn G. Hughes, Maj, MD, USAF

2006 Scot Best, Lead, U.S. Navy V-22 Crew Systems

2007 Fred Patterson, PhD, CDR, USN (Ret.)

2008 Harry Lieberman, PhD, US Army Research Institute of Env. Medicine

2009 Joe Kittinger, COL, USAF (Ret.)

2010 Dr Jan Stepanek, PhD, Mayo Clinic

2011 Jay M. Dean, PhD, Univ South Florida

2012 Jack Bassick, David Clark Company

2013 Art Thompson, Sage Cheshire Aerospace

2014 Timothy Jex, BGen, USAF, MC

2015 William Albery, PhD, USAF (Ret.)

2016 Lloyd Tripp, PhD, Air Force Research Laboratory

2017 Phil Waters (LT, USN), A-6A/B Navigator Vietnam 1965-1968

2018 Tyson Brunstetter, CAPT, OD, PhD, CAsP