Aerospace Physiology Society

A constituent organization of the Aerospace Medical Association

society awards


The Aerospace Physiology Society (AsPS) presents three major achievement awards to recognize individuals who perform extraordinary work within the Aerospace Physiology Community.  The nominee must be a member in good standing of both the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) and the Aerospace Physiology Society (AsPS).  Awards will be presented at the Aerospace Medical Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting during the annual AsPS luncheon program.


paul bert award

The Paul Bert Award recognizes outstanding research contributions in aerospace physiology.  This award was established in 1969 and was originally given for achievement in operational physiology.  It is named in honor of the famous French physiologist, Paul Bert, the “Father of Pressure Physiology.” Nominees will be considered for research covering the previous five year period.  Limit the nomination to two or three major research contributions.  The Award committee considers unrecognized nominations from the past 3 years, though it is strongly recommended that those nominations be updated annually in writing. Research areas may range from basic science to research in highly applied areas of aerospace physiology.  Wyle currently sponsors the Paul Bert Award. 


fred a. hitchcock award

The Fred A. Hitchcock Award recognizes career contributions of senior aerospace physiologists for excellence in either operational aerospace physiology or aerospace physiology research.   The award was established in 1972 and is named in honor of Fred A. Hitchcock, Ph.D., co-translator of Paul Bert’s classic work, “Barometric Pressure.” International ATMO of San Antonio, TX, sponsors the Fred A. Hitchcock Award with an honorarium, a plaque, and an edition of Paul Bert’s classic work, “Barometric Pressure.”  The Award committee considers unrecognized nominations from the past 3 years, though it is strongly recommended that nominations be updated annually in writing


wiley post award

The Wiley Post Award recognizes outstanding contributions in direct operational physiology and aeromedical training and education.  In 1972, the Wiley Post Award replaced the Paul Bert Award for Operational Physiology.  It is named in honor of the aviation pioneer Wiley Post and is presented for exceptional service and achievement in operational physiology, including education and physiological support of Dept. of Defense, FAA, NASA, or civilian aircrew.  The Gentex Corp. of Carbondale, PA, sponsors the Wiley Post Award with an honorarium and a plaque.  Nominees will be considered for the previous 12-month body of work in operational physiology. 


  • Award nominations are due no later than the posted deadline of 20 March each year. Late nominations will not be considered or carried over to the next year. Send nominations to the attention of the Awards Committee Chairman at:

  • Nominations may be submitted by anyone, regardless of AsMA or AsPS membership. Members are strongly encouraged to nominate and recognize outstanding contributions by professionals peers within the society. Chain of command endorsements are not required for military nominations, but may be considered by the committee.

  • Nominees must be a current member “in good standing” of both AsMA as well as AsPS.

  • The nomination should include: 1. A citation (reason for the nomination) of 80 words or less. 2. A summary of significant accomplishments (include dates and relevance) of less than 300 words. 3. A one page professional biography of the nominee 4. A portrait-type photograph of the nominee. 5. Nominations should specify the time interval over which the nominee’s contributions were made.

  • The Awards Nomination Form shall be the standard format for nominations. Award forms may be downloaded from this AsPS website (see links below) or obtained by contacting the Award Chair via email. Digital email submission of the award package is preferred. MS-Word for documents and TIF or JPEG files for graphics are the preferred file formats. Hard copy nominations will be accepted by mail (email Awards Chair for submission address). Awards not submitted on the AsPS Awards form will not be accepted.