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Who We Are

A collective of professionals dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the science and practice of aerospace physiology.

As a Constituent Organization of AsMA, the AsPS:

  • Has similar objectives and purposes to those of the Aerospace Medical Association.

  • Supports these purposes through local meetings, acquaintanceship, and discussion of matters relating to aviation, space, or undersea medicine, or their allied sciences.

  • Increases the value of this Association to their members, and help maintain and increase membership.

Aerospace Physiology Society (AsPS) Objectives and Purpose:

  1. To encourage, promote, and advance the science and practice of aerospace physiology by:

  • Establishing and maintaining cooperation between aerospace physiology and other scientific disciplines,

  • Stimulating and accomplishing physiological investigation, and

  • Studying and disseminating pertinent knowledge and information through teaching and participation in scientific and technical meetings.


2.  To enhance the professional stature of Aerospace Physiologists and associated disciplines within the Aerospace Medical Association.

3.  To provide a single unified voice within the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) to present the views of the Society.

To Achieve These Objectives, the Society:

  1. Participates in the world’s largest and most comprehensive single annual scientific meeting dedicated to aviation, space and environmental medicine as a constituent organization of the Aerospace Medical Association.

  2. Recognizes outstanding leadership, research and educational achievements and research contributions with four annual awards.

  3. Promotes and participates in the administration of the Aerospace Medical Association’s Aerospace Physiology Certification Examination increasing the visibility of and interest in aerospace physiology, as well as promoting a standard of academic achievement amongst physiologists.

  4. Provides an opportunity for meaningful professional dialogue and easy exchange of information with scientists and engineers in the field of aerospace medicine with an interest in aerospace physiology, worldwide.

  5. Performs a public awareness service for the field of aerospace physiology through information on the Society’s website and social media.


A message from the President.

"The Aerospace Physiology Society (AsPS) offers the opportunity to be connected to a network of aerospace physiology professionals.  Through membership and engagement, AsPS offers opportunities for collaboration and development in the field of aerospace physiology."

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