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Ms. Elerie Archer

Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (CCIC)

Centennial, CO


Special Recognition

Mr. Paul Clinton, Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (CCIC)

Mr. Dave Williamson, Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (CCIC)


The Partnership in Education Award is awarded to a teacher in a school district of the host city for the current year’s AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting.  Nominations are solicited from the local school districts and the winner is selected by the Partnership In Education Award Committee.  The winner is recognized as an individual who has brought a unique approach to teaching science in the classroom and has inspired his or her students to an interest in science.  The award is sponsored by the Aerospace Physiology Society.

Call for Nominations

< Download the Nomination Form Here

1) Completed Nomination Form–See above
2) Recommendation/Endorsement Letter from Supervisor or Principal
3) Résumé or Curriculum Vitae or Biography
4) Other supporting documentation (optional)
Return documents to: 

Deadline: 30 July, 2022.


Expected Timeline:

Award Submission Open: 15 April – 30 July, 2022
June/July: Package Evaluation
July: Award Notification
August: AsPS Visit to the Classroom – Show and Tell
August: Lunch Award Ceremony on Wednesday, 1 September at the Sheraton Downtown, Denver, CO

Please see our Facebook Page more information about the Aerospace Physiology Society’s Partnership in Education Award.

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