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Brian Musselman


Brian “Moose” Musselman, CAsP, FAsMA, received the 2020 Walter and Sylvia Goldenrath Award for his recognized expertise in aerospace physiology. He led U-2 full pressure suit operations, investigated Class A mishaps, and developed a physiological event checklist. He also directed physiology, spatial disorientation, and fatigue research, and commissioned two U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine research projects to analyze U-2 pilot fatigue and rapid decompression risks. Additionally, he analyzed the physiological effects of oxygen consumption and toxicity under the new cockpit pressure. He implemented hypoxia training at two bases, ensuring training capability for 2500 aircrew. He has made a positive impact on every aspect of aerospace physiology. This award is supported by the Walter and Sylvia Goldenrath Endowed Fund.


AsMA-Level Recognition! Established in memory of CAPT Walter L. Goldenrath, MSC, USN (Ret.), this award is presented for the most significant contribution in the field of aerospace physiology. It was created at the bequest of CAPT Goldenrath and is funded by the Walter and Sylvia Goldenrath Endowed Fund.

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